Is seaweed healthy?

Answer On One Hand: Recognize BenefitsYou can consume seaweed cany number of ways and it is highly nutritious. Teruko Arasaki and Sebin, authors of the book "Vegetables from the Sea," explain that seaweed... Read More »

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Does Social Services really take away healthy children from healthy homes?

Mostly in the UK, and they do it because they get paid for it.Absolutely disgusting.

Uses of Seaweed Powder?

Seaweed powder is a nutrient rich product that has numerous applications and health benefits. Seaweed powder is created from dried seaweed, a substance that is known to be rich in antioxidants.

What eats red seaweed?

The Siamese algae eater, or Crossocheilus siamensis is the only fish known to eat red algae. These fish are also known as Siamese flying fox and they are native to the Malay peninsula and Thailand... Read More »

How to Use Seaweed for Wraps?

Body wraps are a popular treat at spas offering women not only the opportunity to relax, but also to loose a few inches. Seaweed is one of the most preferred body wraps due to its immense benefits.... Read More »