Is seaweed healthy?

Answer On One Hand: Recognize BenefitsYou can consume seaweed cany number of ways and it is highly nutritious. Teruko Arasaki and Sebin, authors of the book "Vegetables from the Sea," explain that seaweed... Read More »

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Do shampoos make your hair healthy, or just "look" healthy?

It actually does make your hair healthy and look healthy. Like for me, i had damaged dry frizzy hair and i didn't really look at shampoo and conditioner good. Like i didn't really care what it does... Read More »

Does Social Services really take away healthy children from healthy homes?

Mostly in the UK, and they do it because they get paid for it.Absolutely disgusting.

How did the Chumash eat seaweed?

The Chumash culture inhabited the Southern California coast from the Paleoindian Era (beginning about 13,000 BC) until the time of Spanish contact in the 1500s. As hunters, gatherers and fishermen,... Read More »

Do crabs eat seaweed?

Crabs are crustaceous bottom-feeders, meaning they eat food located in the bottom (benthos) area of a body of water. Various types of crabs such as northern kelp and hermit crabs consume algae such... Read More »