Is seaweed an algae or a plant?

Answer According to Ocean Link, seaweeds are algae. True plants have root systems that bring nutrients from the ground, and have vascular systems that transport the nutrients from the roots to the leaves.... Read More »

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Is red seaweed a plant?

yes, indeed it is a plant! :D

Is seaweed a submerged plant?

Seaweed uses chlorophyll to harvest energy from the sun's rays like plants on land do. And many people consider it a plant. However, it is not a member of the plant division (Plantae), which means,... Read More »

Is seaweed an aquatic plant?

Plants that live in the water are aquatic plants. Seaweed is classified as an aquatic plant. They grow in oceans, seas and freshwater areas. They can sometimes be green, red or brown.References:edH... Read More »

Is seaweed a plant or protist?

Seaweed is a protist. Unlike plants, seaweed does not have a complex root and shoot system or specialized tissues to move water and nutrients. It can absorb water and nutrients through any tissue. ... Read More »