Is seafood safe to work with during a pregnancy?

Answer Answer Yes, just wash your hands afterward, and don't eat raw seafood.

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Is seafood ok during pregnancy?

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Is eating yogurt with acidophilus and bifidus safe during pregnancy?

it doesnt effect you in a bad way and they havent found any defects in babies yet but if your unsure and uneasy about that then you should trust your gut instinct and dont.

Is it safe doing inter course with high force during first weak of pregnancy?

During pregnancy is it safe to work in a deli where your spend 3 of your 5 shifts a week lifting boxes and reaching deep into a counter to carry loads?

You should consult your obstetrician on this question as the answer depends in part on what, if any, complications you may be having with your pregnancy. It also depends on the nature of your job, ... Read More »