Is scratching yourself with scissors a form of self harm?

Answer So I'm not the only one who does that! Hahaha, I was scared it was a form of harm, but I stopped doing that because little things like that can lead a person to actually cutting themselves with a b... Read More »

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Does offing your computer through pressing the button of your CPU will do harm to the computer,what harm issit?

Could corrupt data on your hard drive but as long as you keep a back up of anything important you should be OK, If you are very unlucky it could be a system file that gets damaged and you may have ... Read More »

Why Is My Dog Itching & Scratching?

A dog that is itching and scratching is miserable. If you own a dog that is always itchy and scratching, you're probably wondering what could cause such misery. The reality is pruritus, or itchines... Read More »

Medication for a Scratching Dog?

There are many factors that can cause a dog to itch and scratch. Often this itching can make a dog miserable, leading to distress that can, in some cases, make the dog more susceptible to other ail... Read More »

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post?