Is science at odds with religion&philosophy?

Answer On One Hand: The Two Disciplines Are Very Different.Science bases its principles on testing hypotheses and documenting verified facts. Religion, on the other hand, requires faith to function--a be... Read More »

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What are the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism?

According to, the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism are 1 in 150.

What are the odds of having a baby with Down Syndrome?

Have your parents complain to the principle. It works. Trust me. That's how I got out.

What are the odds of conception without fertility treatment with PCOS?

A large part of it depends on how bad you have PCOS and what symptoms you have. If you have insulin resistance with your PCOS then you have a higher chance of miscarrying if you do get pregnant (my... Read More »

I have a 9 yr old daughter with a lump in her chest, what are the odds of cancer?

Sounds like a fatty tumor. They are not malignant but they look scary if you don't know what they are. Cancer does not generally present like this nor does it grow that fast. I hope it isn't anythi... Read More »