What does 666 mean in terms of Satan?

Answer Popular association of "666" and Satan is derived from The Book of Revelations (13:17, 18) that refers to "the number of the beast." Contemporary scholars debate the true meaning of this phrase, th... Read More »

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What orbital cd has the song Satan on it?

It was on the soundtrack to the movie "Spawn".They did the song just for the movie, so it never appeared on any of their albums.

Is facebook a tool used by satan?

How to Make Satan in "Persona 3"?

"Persona 3" is a Japanese video game developed by Atlus and released in the U.S. on the PlayStation 2 in 2007. Also known as "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3," in the game you play as a Japanese hig... Read More »

How is Satan appealing in Paradise Lost?

Satan is depicted as a noble, tragic figure who is unjustly punished by God for refusing to supplicate himself. This characterization does change over the course of the novel, but it is this romant... Read More »