Is sarsparilla an actual drink or is it western movie folkore?

Answer Yes, and apparently still sold. (the article says it's flavor is part of the Root Beer mixture, too)""Sarsaparilla in its carbonated beverage form is available in the United Kingdom, produced, for... Read More »

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What is the name of the actual Navy ship in the movie Heartbreak Ridge?

The name of the ship was The USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). They were on Ocean Venture '86 operating in the Caribbean. The scenes on the aircraft elevator are on #2 elevator starboard side aft. All filming ... Read More »

What is your favorite Western movie?

Does Unforgiven count? If so that's my answer((logan))- haven't done that for ages missed you!

Need to find a movie with a western theme from the 90s?

Streets of Laredo 1995 it is a miniseries. Alexis Cruz is the actor. Not everything is the same as your description, but he definitely shoots and hangs someone, and he is drowning his sister with h... Read More »

Where can i get Sarsparilla soda?

i don't nkow about long island but theres a brand called a-treat that has that