Is deer&elk meat considered red meat?

Answer Both deer meat and elk meat are considered red meat. Deer meat is sometimes referred to as venison. In addition to obtaining deer and elk meat from hunting, deer and elk are also raised on ranches ... Read More »

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Is deer&elk meat considered a red meat?

Yes. The Canadian Cervid Alliance boasts that deer and elk meat is the new red meat in that is naturally lean and healthy. Though these delicacies were previously reserved for European royalty, the... Read More »

Is lamb considered red meat?

Lamb is considered a red meat, much like beef, although it's often considered healthier than other red meats because of its relatively high protein and zinc content. Lamb is the meat from a young s... Read More »

Are eggs considered meat?

No - eggs are considered vegetarian.Those eggs you buy at the store are not fertilized. There is no animal in there. A chicken naturally lays an egg every day or two whether she has been around a m... Read More »

Why is fish not considered a meat?

Your coworkers need their brains checked. How is fish not a meat??? Tell them humans are made of meat too, and ask if they are considering eating each other. Good grief. >_