Is sabudana not good for health or else is it processed in a dirty way.?

Answer There's nothing wrong with tapioca. It's pretty carby, and there are other nutrient dense foods you can eat. I wouldn't eat it as a staple, but it does have some nutrition, and it's really filling.... Read More »

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What is sabudana good for?

Sabudana is another word for the starch tapioca. It is native to the Amazon and is extracted from the plant species of Manihot esculenta. It is can be used in cooking in a variety of ways.Thickenin... Read More »

How can i report a dirty restaurant to the health inspector I live in South Dakota...any suggestions?

Call the BBB and they will put you in touch with the local food inspector

Health - Is tender coconut drinking daily good for health or will it lead to cold ?

A very Good question!Tender coconut has several minerals and nutritions required for body. It is recommended even for infants by Doctors. Definitely it is not a cause for cold.MGR the ex chief mini... Read More »

What are some good dirty martini recipes?

2 1/2oz london dry gin1/4oz dry vermouthteaspoon or two of olive brine Stirred over ice till chilled and served with a pair of blue cheese stuffed olives.