Is running 3.7 miles in 25 minutes a good time?

Answer show offjust kidding, that's amazing. you fit bastard.

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Is 5 minutes enough time for someone to do his running daily exercise ?

As fast as "he" is, 5 minutes is more than plenty......he really doesn't play well does♥

How many miles are running shoes good for?

Running shoes generally provide cushioning for up to 500 miles, but it is not uncommon for the cushioning to wear down after 350 miles. Wearing shoes that have reached the end of their lifespan can... Read More »

How many calories would I have burned by running for 50 minutes?

If you are running at a moderate pace of 6MPH for 50 minutes then you would be burning around 550 calories. If you are only jogging then that would be around 400 calories. As far as the hula hoopin... Read More »

If a car travels 98 miles in one hour and fortu five minutes what is its average speed?

Ave. speed = total dist. covered/total time takenTotal dist = 98 milesTotal time = 1hr 45min = 7/4hr==> ave. speed = 98 miles/(7/4hr)= 56 miles/hr.