Is royal prestige worth the price?

Answer On One Hand: Large Profits to be HadThere are few legitimate noble titles for sale. British titles cannot be bought or sold, but 2,500 Scottish, feudal baron titles exist that are transferable, acc... Read More »

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Is pet insurance worth the price?

AnswerIt's advisable to look up the breed of your dog on the Internet to see what maladies they could possibly get. If your dog is a pup to 4 - 5 years old then don't get the medical insurance. Whe... Read More »

Are led tv's worth the price?

Yes and I recommend Samsung or Sony. Middle of the road or top of the line. If bang for the buck is what you are after then check out Samsung LED/DLP , 61" and 67" tv's at BestBuy. And no one... Read More »

Is the iPhone 3GS worth the price?

are you kidding? even the stupidest idiot in the world knows the iPhone is better!...that's like asking what's better a Mercedes or a car made of poop.

Is the razor worth the price?

The razor is a very good phone. Really good if you get the razor that can hold songs. But it is kinda pricy. It dpends on how much money your willing to spend.