Is rope made from a plant?

Answer no, a rope i s usually made from artificial fibers, however long ago they may have been.

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Indian Rope Plant Identification?

The Indian, or Hindu, rope plant is in the Hoya genus and compacta species within the Asclepiadaceae family. This plant strictly serves an ornamental purpose, and is often grown indoors. Several cu... Read More »

How to Make a Rope Plant Hanger?

House plants can brighten a room, provide oxygen and promote good health. The one downfall to having house plants is that they take up space you may need for the storage of other items. This proble... Read More »

What is climbing rope made of?

Climbing rope is made of a core of nylon filaments in parallel or braided form. This core, which makes up about 70 percent of the rope's diameter, is surrounded by a sheath of woven nylon that give... Read More »

How is hemp made into rope?

Hemp rope has a variety of uses. Historically, it was used on ships, and today it is most frequently used as part of numerous beading and jewelry projects.HistoryHistorical evidence suggests the Ch... Read More »