Is rolling tobacco less bad for you than cigarettes?

Answer how stupid are u? thats like saying if i drink a bottle a vodka every other night i wont become a p1ss head

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Why is marijuanan illegal if it kills less people than cigarettes and alcohol combined?

I agree. Marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes. If corporations could market and sell it legally, they would love it. If tobacco came on the market today as a new product it would be listed as ... Read More »

Has Pueblo Rolling Tobacco any tar?

All tobacco (and smokable plant matter, for the record) generates some amount of "tar" as a by-product of combustion. Your current consumption of tobacco is not particularly "bad" for you, but any... Read More »

Should I used a grinder while rolling my own cigarettes?

Yes use the grinder for finer better smokes.

Are clove cigarettes worse than normal cigarettes?

On One Hand: Cloves Are More DangerousAccording to the American Cancer Society, clove cigarettes, also called kreteks, have "been shown to deliver more nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar than regul... Read More »