Is rice of any use in a human diet or is it empty calories?

Answer I remember a story about how, when polished rice was first invented, it was considered a delicacy, and only available to the wealthy (e.g. royalty). However, because it was devoid of the nutrition... Read More »

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What is the Rice Diet?

The Rice Diet is a very regimented program that is believed to reverse the harmful effects that disease has on the body, while aiding in weight loss. Working with a doctor to learn specific guideli... Read More »

Simple question. White Rice Yellow Rice Brown Rice Or Wild Rice Which from this list do u like better?

wild rice and i hope it is uncle ben instant mix with masses of seasonings. i love that stuff. good day yourself Scooter.

How many calories in sweet rice?

Brown sweet rice has 180 calories per 1/4 cup.

What has more calories rice or pasta?