Is rice bran extract a good source of fiber?

Answer Rice-bran extract is a source of fiber, but not necessarily a good source. Oat bran, for example, has more fiber and soluble fiber than rice-bran extract. Rice-bran extract has, however, been shown... Read More »

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Is rice bran good for horses?

Rice bran is good for some horses in some situations. It is composed of about 20% fat and is high in vitamin E. Horses that have trouble keeping weight on or those that need to build lean muscle an... Read More »

Is wheat bran an insoluble fiber?

Wheat bran is an insoluble fiber, which is a fiber that doesn't dissolve in water. This type of dietary fiber helps what you eat move through the digestive system and provides bulk to the stool, so... Read More »

Do zoning laws restrict the fiber content of my bran muffin siding?

no as long as the R factor is at least 12..... ;)

The Advantages of Rice Bran Wax?

The use of natural products in the cosmetics industry has grown as consumers develop more of an environmental consciousness. Rice bran wax is one natural product that has found uses in the cosmetic... Read More »