Is reverse osmosis a good idea?

Answer On One Hand: It Cleans SaltwaterBecause of the larger chemical makeup of salt, the small openings that filter the water in reverse osmosis don't let it through. Furthermore, they don't allow other ... Read More »

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Are reverse osmosis systems good?

On One Hand: Improves Drinking WaterReverse osmosis is a water filtration method that is extremely effective at removing inorganic contamination from water. Reverse osmosis systems are typically us... Read More »

Are reverse mortgages a good idea?

On One Hand: A Reverse Mortgage Is a Good IdeaA reverse mortgage is a type of mortgage debt that allows a borrower age 62 and older to tap into the built-up equity in his home. The reverse mortgage... Read More »

What should the pH of reverse osmosis be?

The pH level of reverse osmosis water depends on the pH of the water before it it undergoes the reverse osmosis process. According to Free Drinking Water, the pH of water should range between 6.5 t... Read More »

How to Reverse Osmosis?

In osmosis, the solvent (the substance that dissolves) migrates through a semi-permeable membrane from a region of lower solute (the substance that gets dissolved) concentration to a region of high... Read More »