Is revenge good or bad?

Answer bad bad bad (if your sibling is younger) ....... if they are older though, then they shouldn't be doing anything to you in the first place so tell your parents If you seek revenge your sibling wil... Read More »

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How do you get good revenge on your mean brother that will not get you in trouble?

Revenge is never a good choice. Forgive him, it doesn't matter if he is not sorry for it. Forgiveness is not something we do for other but for ourselves, to be in peace with others. Remember not to... Read More »

How do you win in tap tap revenge?

well you don't really win tap tap revenge all you do is purchase songs on the app and you play them..and you get your score on how well you did and there is levels of easy, medium, or hard.

How to get revenge on a neighbour?

Try not to get stressed think of how you can make playtime less noisy for your neighbours. But the real question is did the neighbour move in after you started - if Yes then they have no right to ... Read More »

How to Get Revenge on a Guy Who Was Mean to You?

Is there someone who is mean to you or who you hate? Do you want to get revenge on him back? Then, you have come to the right article.