Is renter's insurance tax-deductible?

Answer Renter's insurance is not deductible on U.S. federal tax returns for the person living in the property, unless a portion of the home is dedicated to business use. To qualify for this, the space mus... Read More »

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What is the deductible for renters insurance?

You choose. Most likely $250, $500, $1000 and maybe $2000

What is the average deductible for 50.000 of renters insurance in georgia?

Renters insurance is a form of homeowners insurance. The form is HO-4. I assume that you mean the policy that the person renting purchases to cover their belongings and liability. Most all homeowne... Read More »

Who should pay deductible from my renters insurance on APT rental due to water pipe burst Landlord or Tenant?

Regardless of the situation: renter, landlord, apartment building or condominium situation, the first priority is to address the clean-up. Then, phone your broker and turn the issue over to your br... Read More »

What defense is available for a tenant with no renters insurance when a fire was started by another tenants negligence who had renters insurance?