Is regression in potty training normal after birth of sibling?

Answer A good way to approach your mother is to get her alone. Tell her that you have something important and difficult to tell her and that you want her to know because you need help with it. Then, tell ... Read More »

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Regression Therapy Training?

Regression therapy helps a patient reconcile his past lives with his present life and how the patient's past lives may currently affect him. The International Board of Regression Therapy must certi... Read More »

Past Life Regression Training?

Practitioners of past life regression therapy use hypnosis as a means of recalling the events of previous lifetimes or different incarnations of existence. The goal typically includes realization o... Read More »

Why is Hct below normal after giving birth?

Hematocrit is measures your bloods ability to carry oxygen. The less blood you have the less oxygen it can carry. You bleed about 350ml when you have a vaginal delivery. That is about the amount in... Read More »

Is it normal to bleed 8 weeks after birth?

It depends. If you have stopped bleeding for about two weeks and started again that is probably your first post pregnancy period. Some woman bleed longer than 6 weeks some shorter. If you are truly... Read More »