Is red pepper the same thing as cayenne pepper?

Answer Red pepper is a coloquial, umbrella term that can refer to a variety of peppers belonging to the genus capsicum. The spice cayenne pepper is derived from red chili peppers that fall into this categ... Read More »

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Is cayenne pepper the same as chili pepper?

Chili pepper is the general name given to the peppers of the capsicum plant family. Therefore cayenne pepper, which is a red, hot capsicum, is a type of chili pepper. Ground cayenne pepper is used ... Read More »

Is cayenne pepper the same as ground red pepper?

Both ground red pepper and cayenne pepper come from the same pepper fruit. Generally, the spice is called "cayenne pepper" when it is ground into a fine powder, and it's called "red pepper" when it... Read More »

Is Capsicum the same as cayenne pepper?

The cayenne pepper (which has the botanical name Capsicum annuum) belongs to the Capsicum vegetable family. Therefore, all cayenne peppers can be described as Capsicum, but not all Capsicum are cay... Read More »

Is paprika the same as cayenne pepper?

Paprika and cayenne pepper are both derived from pods of the plant species Capsicum annuum, which encompasses most of the chili pepper plants. However, the two come from different types of peppers ... Read More »