Is red oak good fireplace burning wood?

Answer Red oak is a hardwood that makes excellent firewood because it burns well and gives off a lot of heat but not much smoke. Like most hardwoods, it is very dense and, as a result, can be difficult to... Read More »

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Can a prefabricated (metal) wood burning fireplace be converted to a gas burning fireplace?

I would think not. The metal box that would contain the fire, is not made the same as one that gas. The gas would burn hotter, more constant not like a wood fire. I would not try it myself. Call ar... Read More »

Is it safe to install a wood-burning insert into a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace?

According to, you can install a wood-burning insert into a metal (zero-clearance) fireplace, but you have to make sure that the insert is compatible with your type of fireplace. It is da... Read More »

Is lilac a good wood for burning in a fireplace?

I've burnt lilac. It's a very hard and very dense wood that burns well and very slowly but needs to be well seasoned. As it usually comes from a small tree, the diameter should be relatively small ... Read More »

Can fireplace crystals be used in a wood-burning fireplace?

On One Hand: Fireplace Crystals Work With GasAccording to Firecrystals, fireplace crystals are made to "permanently replace the burning of wood or use of fake logs in open vented, natural gas and p... Read More »