Is rebooting your computer the same as restarting it Someone please help!?

Answer YESSome programs you install will instruct you to reboot or restart. Yes it means exactly the same thing.

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Help my computer does not detect a printer. I try to install it again but its still the same. Please help me.?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling,or inserting disk,going on My computer and look for anything that says setup or drivers.I'm no technician,bit did thus when trying to install Brother printer and i... Read More »

Someone please help. can i get same quality w canon xti and 30d with right lenses?

I agree with Morey and fhotoace. There are other reasons that someone might choose the 30D over the XTi, but image quality might not be the deciding factor. If you know the difference between usi... Read More »

Can someone please help me with my computer?

The number of songs is almost certainly NOT the reason your computer is running slowly.The slowness could be down to a number of things, including loading too many supposedly 'helpful' programs on ... Read More »

Could someone please help me computer mouse trouble?

is it a wireless? change batteries it could be an infection doing it to you, have you ran a scan?ok, go to control panel, and mouse and adjust the speed, maybe that could work, if not try these sit... Read More »