Is really google are stealing peoples personal information?

Answer This is called Keeping not Stealing, if you are talking about the Google Privacy Policy. In Privacy Policy Google has declared that it will keep our all information CONFIDENTIAL.

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How do I remove personal information that presents when people search my name on google?

Would Google be able to answer most peoples questions on here?

Not really, this shows the opinions of many people so you can make decisions. google is more factual. Factual questions can go to google.

Google Chrome, how do I prevent it from stealing my info?

And what info are you referring to? Chrome is pretty good about not stealing any info other than what is provided through services tied to things like Google search or your Google Account... or nor... Read More »

Is personal bankruptcy information public information?

Personal bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, and remain in your court records for 20 years. Bankruptcy filings are reported to credit bureaus and stay on your credit report for 10 yea... Read More »