Is real housewives scripted?

Answer Just because some TV network calls it a 'reality' show, does not make it real. There is likely some basis of truth in them but there is no way I'll ever believe there isn't also a script or at the ... Read More »

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Is the real housewives of Beverly hills scripted?

Of course it is staged, like all reality shows.

Is"The Real World"on MTV scripted?

"The Real World" is an unscripted show that airs on MTV. Although there are elements of a scripted show incorporated into the production, such as having a set (the house where the reality show star... Read More »

Did Jeff from the real housewives of the oc die?

Yes, unfortunately, he passed away in September, just after the season wrapped. He and Gretchen did not marry prior to his passing.

What is kim g's last name on real housewives of new jersey?