Is reading in the dark really bad for your eyesight?

Answer As with most things pertaining to eyesight these days, most people have the opposite understanding of the truth.Yes strain and tension harm our vision but strain and tension don't just happen to us... Read More »

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Do contacts really worsen your eyesight?

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) do not worsen vision, but, and here is the subtlety, they do strongly encourage incorrect vision habits. Incorrect vision habits are what squeeze ... Read More »

Can having a really long hair fringe damage your eyesight?

I doubt it will damage it, she's the first I've ever heard say that, I think it's an excuse to make you cut it haha. I used to have a long fringe aswell all it did was prick my eyes and I would jus... Read More »

Will reading in a dark room hurt your eyes?

Reading in a dark room will put strain on your eyes, but it will not cause any permanent damage to your vision. The most that will happen is that you may experience eye strain and sore/tired eyes.... Read More »

My Eyesight in the dark, one eye is different: what is it Is it a problem It seems one eye isn't registering?

Hi there! I was hoping someone would answer that knew more than I do but so far no one has. My husband is an optician and knows a little about eyes. He has some unusual problems with muscle balance... Read More »