Is raw salmon safe to eat?

Answer It should be ok to eat as long as it has been handled correctly both in purchasing it from the store or where ever you got it( so refrigerated) then prepared on clean boards that haven't had any co... Read More »

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Is the sockeye salmon a safe fish to eat?

The sockeye salmon is safe to eat. National Geographic describes the sockeye salmon as one of the smaller of the salmon that are native to the Pacific Ocean. Red salmon or blueback salmon are name... Read More »

Is smoked salmon safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Salmon Can be Contaminated With ListeriaSmoked salmon can be contaminated with Listeria. This is a bacteria that can cross the placenta and cause miscarriage, stillbirth or premature b... Read More »

Is it safe to eat smoked salmon during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Listeria BacteriaRefrigerated, smoked seafood, often labeled as lox, kippered, nova style or jerky, should be avoided during pregnancy because of the risk that it could be contaminated... Read More »

Is it safe to defrost salmon fillets in hot water?

Fish can actually cook in hot water (there are poached fish recipes). Cold water is best and you don't have to totally defrost them - just get them to bend a little.