Is raw rice good for health?

Answer Yes. Except after a total of three hours the rice will explode in your stomach like it does when birds eat it. Unless you want to face the same fate as Gary the pigeon, don't eat raw rice.

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Is Basmati Rice are good for health?

yes, it is smooth and quite flexible the other... rice

Distinguish the health benefits between White rice and Brown rice ?

Brown rice is better for weight loss. Rice is filling and it makes on gain weight if one eats too much but brown rice has always known to be healthier just as the darker brownish noodles are a lot ... Read More »

What are some good vegetarian recipes without pasta, rice, potato and rice?

Lentil soup with barley. Quinoa with spinach, tomato, toasted nuts and grated cheese. Hummus and pita with crudites. Minestrone with garlic bread, ommit pasta.If you're avoiding these things becaus... Read More »

Simple question. White Rice Yellow Rice Brown Rice Or Wild Rice Which from this list do u like better?

wild rice and i hope it is uncle ben instant mix with masses of seasonings. i love that stuff. good day yourself Scooter.