Is raw asparagus poisonous?

Answer Yes! Very. It can contain germs found in raw meat.No, the vegetable asparagus is not poisonous at all, I used to grow it in my back yard and cut it off at the ground and eat right then and there. I... Read More »

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Is asparagus fern poisonous to a cat?

The asparagus fern is toxic to cats. According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center website, repeatedly rubbing against the plant can lead to allergic dermatitis in cats. Ingesting a berry can... Read More »

Is an Asparagus Fern Poisonous to Cats?

An asparagus fern, also known as an emerald or a lace fern, can add a burst of green to your yard. Before planting it, you should know that it could have an adverse effect on your cat's health. ... Read More »

Are berries on asparagus ferns poisonous to humans or animals?

Why Is My Asparagus Plant Not Producing Any Asparagus?

Asparagus produces edible green spears often enjoyed fresh in the spring and summer months. When properly planted and cultivated, an asparagus bed may produce bountiful harvests for 20 years or mor... Read More »