Is rat poisoning humane?

Answer On One Hand: Inhumane and Limited EffectivenessRat poison causes rats to bleed internally and hemorrhage--very inhumane considering the pain and suffering it causes. Additionally, simply leaving ou... Read More »

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Are dog muzzles humane?

On One Hand: Dog Muzzles Are InhumaneMuzzling a dog seems inhumane. The dog looks uncomfortable and can sometimes get agitated by having to wear something over its mouth. Most muzzles don't allow... Read More »

How to Build a Humane Mousetrap?

It may sometimes be desirable to live trap mice rather than catch them in a kill trap. This trap can be used with or without bait.

Are supermax prisons humane?

On One Hand: Need for SecuritySupermax prisons are designed to provide increased control by prison officials over inmates known to be violent or present an escape risk. According to a study by the ... Read More »

Are pinch collars humane?

On One Hand: Pinch Collars WorkSome people believe that even though pinch collars look like medieval torture tools, they can be useful. Many trainers believe this type of training keeps dogs in lin... Read More »