Is raising $30,000 annually for a four-year art college realistic?

Answer You will have the most luck at scholarships going directly to this school and asking them. Because of your parents high income, I doubt you would qualify for grants or work study at any school. I ... Read More »

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How to Pick a Realistic New Year's Resolution?

There once was a lady who sold her goods at greatly inflated prices. She was pleased with herself. When she died, she was given a bag filled with rocks that she had to carry on her back. She learne... Read More »

Raising the ground level around a 10 year old holly tree?

your best best is to put a ring of blocks around the tree, about three feet from the trunk and build up the ground level outside of the ring. you can mulch more to make it a smoother transition, bu... Read More »

Who marched 30000 untrained troops?

I want a desktop between the price of 30000 and 35000rs.?

I would recommend-Intel Core i5 ProcessorNvidia GT640 2GBany led monitor which has HDMI port(s)logitech keyboard and mouse (personally i prefer logitech.....m using it for years and have not faced ... Read More »