Is rain water spotless?

Answer Rainwater is spotless until it is captured in a rainwater tank. Rainwater that has been stored in a rainwater tank, is generally collected from roof areas and used for toilet flushing, laundry, gar... Read More »

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Does tap water or rain water grow sweet basil better?

Is it safe to use rain barrel water to water vegetables?

According to the University of Wisconsin Extension, it is not safe to use water from rain barrels on vegetables. Chemicals and microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria, may leach into the water.R... Read More »

Can we change rain water to drinking water?

Rainwater can be collected and used as drinking water with minimal effort. In some instances rainwater may be used as drinking water with no changes at all, though caution should be exercised. Rain... Read More »

Why is rain water better than tap water for plants?

Because it's free...?But there is a science part to it too. Tap water contains a lot of Ca-ions and Mg-ions: good for human bones, but not too good for a plant if used in excess. However, plants li... Read More »