Is press your luck a good game show?

Answer The viewers will probably not know who the mother is on How I met Your Mother until the end of the show. However Older Ted gives some hints along the way about her identity.1. She was at a St. Patr... Read More »

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Is rain water good for your hair?

Well, in every city's water supply there is some chlorine and chemical content which dries your hair and skin to some extent. Having a rain water shower you will notice the difference on your hair ... Read More »

A yellow butterfly was circling me for a good 5 mins this evening, is that good luck or something?

Butterflies represent happiness and good luck. They are believed to be the souls of departed loved ones come back to protect you.

Good Night and Good Luck compared to the Crucible?

Wedding Ideas for Outdoor Portraits in the Rain?

While many people say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, most brides and grooms hope for sunshine. Wet weather does not have to be disastrous to taking a wedding portrait, however. It mere... Read More »