Is radon radioactive?

Answer According to the U.S. Geological Survey, radon is one of the few radioactive elements on earth. Radon forms when radium decays; radon then loses an alpha particle and forms polonium. Half of radon ... Read More »

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Is radon produced from radioactive materials?

Sometimes. The highly radioactive element radium decays into radon gas. Uranium also decays into radon, after first decaying into thorium and radium. Other materials, such as radioactive carbon or ... Read More »

Is hydrogen radioactive?

Hydrogen is not radioactive. However, it does have an isotope, tritium, that is radioactive. Tritium has one proton and two neutrons. The regular hydrogen atom only has one proton and no neutrons.R... Read More »

Is the iPhone radioactive in any way?

The difference is that an i phone has touch screen. It also has a lot of aplications

Are bananas radioactive?

Bananas have potassium (K), which has a standard ionic charge of +1. They are radioactive when mixed with sprite or sierra mist. The half life of the isotope is a meager 68 minutes.