Is radon heavier than air?

Answer Radon is the heaviest known gas, and colorless when at normal temperatures---so yes, it is heavier than air. Radon can attach to dust and move through the air. Breathed into the lungs, it can cause... Read More »

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Do I look heavier than 180 lbs (pic)?

Fat? Are you kidding? Maybe somebody in my class would call you fat (he makes people feel bad and wants to make them sticks), but man, that is a great figure! I don't think you need to cut much mor... Read More »

Is hydrogen heavier than air?

Hydrogen is not heavier than air, according to Elmhurst College. At a density of 0.000089g per milliliter of air, hydrogen is 50 percent lighter than normal air's density of 0.00128g per milliliter... Read More »

Is hydrogen sulfide heavier than air?

Hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air. It weighs 1.4 grams per liter at 25 degrees C while air weighs 1 gram per liter. It can collect in low areas such as ditches and sewers. It is dangerous and sm... Read More »

Is hydrocarbon refrigerant heavier than air?

Yes, hydrocarbon refrigerant gases are heavier than air, so they can travel along the ground and should not be near sources of ignition. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has warned car and ... Read More »