Is radon flammable?

Answer Radon (Rn) is one of the six noble gases. As such, it has low chemical reactivity in nature or in the lab. Similar to all noble gases, Radon is chemically inert and nonflammable.Source:Periodni: Pe... Read More »

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Is ink flammable?

Whether or not ink is flammable depends on the type. Printing ink and heatset ink, for example, are flammable. Most of the inks we use commonly, such as the ink in most pens, are not flammable, b... Read More »

Is glitter flammable?

Glitter is made from the substance Mylar, which is a polyester film. Mylar burns at temperatures of 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that under the correct conditions, glitter can be flammabl... Read More »

Is isopropanol flammable?

Isopropanol (also known as isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol) is an organic solvent with molecular formula C₃H₈O. Manufacturer Mallinckrodt Baker's material safety data sheet rates the flamm... Read More »

Is nitrogen gas flammable?

Nitrogen gas (also written as N2) makes up more than 70 percent of the air we breathe every day. It is not a flammable substance in its pure state. However, nitrogen gas can form compounds with oth... Read More »