Is radon a rare element of the earth?

Answer Radon (Rn) is a colorless and odorless chemical element, one of the noble gases found in the periodic table. Radon is rare in nature and in use, as it is not chemically active and will not naturall... Read More »

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Basic Uses of the Element Radon?

Radon is the chemical element number 86 in the periodic table. Radon is a radioactive element, obtained through the decay of radium. Friedrich Ernst Dorn, a German chemist, discovered radon in 1900... Read More »

Who discovered the element radon?

A German chemist, Friedrich Ernst Dorn, discovered the radioactive element radon in 1900, according to Jefferson Lab. Radon is elemental 86 on the Periodic Table of Elements and has the symbol "Rn.... Read More »

Where is the element radon found in nature?

You can find radon all over the world, mostly in rock and soil, according to the World Health Organization. Sometimes, radon occurs in well water. You should have your home inspected for radon, bec... Read More »

Where is radon found on Earth?

Eighty percent of radon found on Earth comes from soil, predominately the soil found in rocks close to the ground. Other sources of radon emission in the atmosphere include groundwater (well water)... Read More »