Is radiation effective on brain cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Radiation Shrinks Brain TumorsThe National Cancer Institute states that externally delivered radiation therapy is used to treat brain cancer. Radiation can shrink brain tumors; however... Read More »

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How effective is Radiation against cancer?

i'm sorry to hear about that.put your dad on an organic diet, no processed sugar, loads of vitamins, no animal fats. he needs to clean out & strengthen his system if he is going to have the upper ... Read More »

What are the effects of brain cancer radiation treatment on tumors?

Brain cancer is a condition in which tumors, or clusters of abnormal cells, develop and grow within the tissue of the brain. The severity of the effects of brain cancer depend upon the location of ... Read More »

Can chemotherapy&radiation make brain cancer worse?

On One Hand: Effects are HarmfulChemotherapy and radiation are frequently used to treat cancer and both are harmful to the human body. Chemotherapy is the use of toxic chemicals to kill cancer cell... Read More »

Is delta-rgd effective in treating brain cancer?

On One Hand: Delta-RGD is a New TherapyVirotherapy is the use of specially programmed viruses to treat cancer. Virotherapy is new treatment method, and it's not fully tested. Clinical trials are no... Read More »