Is radiated water good for plants?

Answer 2 drops a day

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Is tap water good for plants?

On One Hand: Additives in Tap WaterMost tap water systems use additives such as chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and sodium. Softened tap water increases salt levels in soil and should not be used f... Read More »

Is aged water good for plants?

On One Hand: Eliminates ChlorineTap water is treated with various substances such as chlorine and fluorides to make it suitable for human consumption, but some of these substances may be harmful to... Read More »

Is watering plants with water good?

It is much better than watering them with sand.

Is Fiji water good for plants?

'Fiji water' is a natural mineral water, that is bottled in plastic bottles, transported to place of consumption and sold commercially in shops/bars etc as a healthy 'drink' for humans. 'Fiji water... Read More »