Is quitting smoking good for the arteries?

Answer On One Hand: Smoking Effects the ArteriesThe National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that smoking inhibits the body's ability to carry oxygen and contributes to tightening of the arteries. In s... Read More »

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What good can come from quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Huge Health BenefitsQuitting smoking involves many health benefits, including decreasing your risk of several types of cancer, lung disease, blindness, heart disease, premature death a... Read More »

True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol?

We are bodily and mentally different from our fellows. (BB pp 30 - (sic)) Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and I use them to relax. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and I used it ... Read More »

Harmful Smoking Effects on Arteries?

Smoking causes 440,000 premature deaths per year, reports the American Heart Association. While most people associate the effects of smoking with lung disease, cigarettes have the potential to harm... Read More »

Quitting Smoking?

less than 2 weeks for the actual nicotine to be cleansed from your system. Take lots of showers, tub baths are more soothing, to help cleanse the pores as your body purges. And drink water! Impo... Read More »