Is quartzite sedimentary?

Answer Quartzite comes in two varieties; metaquartzite and orthoquartzite. Metaquartzite, the more common form of quartzite, is formed through metamorphic processes. Orthoquartzite, however, is sedimentar... Read More »

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Different Sedimentary Rocks?

If you've ever visited the Grand Canyon or been by any river or cliff where you observed horizontal stripes in the rocks there, then you have seen sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks always form wh... Read More »

Are there sedimentary marbles?

No sedimentary types of marble exist. All varieties of marble are metamorphic rocks, a type of rock that forms when another form of rock is subjected to heat, pressure and chemical changes, explain... Read More »

How to Learn About Sedimentary Rocks?

Learning about sedimentary rock is made easy when you read the basics of sedimentary rocks set out in this article.

Is slate a sedimentary rock?

Slate is a metamorphic rock, but it is made up of sedimentary materials. Slate was typically produced in the course of mountain-building events. Shifting land masses put heat and pressure on existi... Read More »