Is quaking aspen any good for firewood?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Good FirewoodQuaking aspen is a good choice for firewood. It burns brightly and the soft wood is easy to saw. The supply is ample in aspen-growing areas. The bark is very dry and... Read More »

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What tree is commonly called the quaking aspen?

Quaking aspen is the common name given to Populus tremuloides. This aspen tree grows over much of the United States, except some places in the Southeast. It provides food and cover for animals such... Read More »

Is firewood ash from a fireplace any good as a fertilizer or not a good idea to use in garden or around trees?

Yes, as long as you are just burning wood (no plastics, pressure treated lumber ect) the ash is a good soil amendment. Basically you are recreating the natural process a forest fire does in rapidly... Read More »

Is elm good wood for firewood?

The wood from elm trees is often used for building furniture, but elm also makes a good, low-spark firewood. When burned, elm wood produces a medium amount of heat and smoke. Split elm logs and all... Read More »

Is Basswood Good Firewood?

Basswood, also known as tilia, is not well suited to serve as firewood. When burned, basswood burns very quickly, does not give off a lot of head and is difficult to control because of its tendency... Read More »