Is pvc pipe dangerous to dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Don't Let Them Chew ItPVC pipes are not dangerous for dogs, but they still shouldn't be allowed to chew them. The bits of plastic are not digestible, and can cause difficulties with th... Read More »

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Who enforces the law for dangerous dogs?

Laws relating to dogs are typically enforced by the county department of animal control. Animal control departments sell animal licenses, capture dangerous animals, provide shelters for homeless an... Read More »

Are rottweiler dogs dangerous?

On One Hand: An Unfair ReputationNo dog is dangerous simply due to its breed. Rottweilers are, by temperament, placid and patient dogs. They are not unusually aggressive and were not bred to be fig... Read More »

Dangerous Pain Medications for Dogs?

Often when a pet dog is in pain, the owner will want to do whatever he can for it. Sometimes owners even turn to their own medicine cabinets to find Fido relief. While some human medications are ap... Read More »

Are bordetella vaccinations for dogs dangerous?

On One Hand: Dogs Can Have Dangerous ReactionsThe injectable bordetella vaccines are not completely risk free. Even though the bacteria has been killed, they do come with the risk of a severe aller... Read More »