Is putting moisturizer onto a sunburn a bad idea?

Answer Try this. Fill your sink with iced tea (not the sugary stuff) and ice. Soak a towel or t-shirt in it and lay it on your burned area. Do this for about 90 minutes (re-soaking the towel during thi... Read More »

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Putting 8mm Tape Onto my iMac OS X?

Yes it is confusing, if the whole process is new to you. The industry is trying to make things much easier, by producing digital camcorders that can link straight up to the firewire interface of y... Read More »

How do you use dropbox Also putting films etc onto phone?

Dropbox is really easy to use. It's work like a folder on your PC and an app (where you can store and retrieve files) on your phone. You'll need to install it on both devices.Once you've done that ... Read More »

Do you need to put a vapor barrier down when putting floors onto concrete?

You should always put a vapor barrier over a concrete subfloor. Because of its makeup, concrete tends to sweat in humid weather, or when temperatures change radically in the spring and fall. For th... Read More »

Help me with putting music from windows media player onto an sd card?

Right click the music > open file location..Right click > copy.. Then on the SD Card.. Right click > Paste.