Is putting an iPhone in a blender illegal?

Answer It is called an accellerometer. Electrons located in a chip with sensors in all directions on it move due to gravity. The sensors know which way the device is pointed, therefore changing position o... Read More »

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Is putting flyers on cars illegal?

The legality of placing fliers on cars depends on a few factors. Laws differ from city to city, so if the fliers are distributed on public property, laws for trespassing, soliciting, and littering ... Read More »

Is copying from wikipedia and putting it in a school report illegal?

It's not a crime, but it is wrong and theoretically the editors of the Wikipedia article could sue you for damages (since Wikipedia is given away free, that would not amount to much), or could get ... Read More »

Is putting music on iphone 4s different than putting music on an ipod touch?

Should be the same. Ipod Touch is the same as iPhone, but without telephone features.

Does putting apps on the iPhone use up the memory?

sometimes the cord will melt, but i haven't heard of them catching on fire.Actually, I was sitting at the computer with my friend uploading a video and the I phone 3gs was only plugged in for a hal... Read More »