Is purple poo poo normal?

Answer I'm confused... Are we talking about poo poo or doo doo?

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Is redness&purple skin after tattoo laser removal normal?

On One Hand: May Be Normal Responses To Laser TreatmentDue to advanced technology, tattoo removal through laser treatment is usually effective and less painful than tattooing. Although the treatmen... Read More »

Your granddaughter has a purple bump on her gum Is this normal tooth cutting or could it be a blood clot or something to be concerned with?

It sounds like gingival hyperplasia (aka - gum swelling) that does usually precede the eruption of a tooth. No, this is not an entity to worry about. RBB, MD

Took 3 pregn test and showed all positive im having light bleeding right now purple-light pink Normal?

Answer Sometimes when the egg implants you could have some light bleeding. Contact your physician.

Why are purple hull peas purple?

Answer The purple coloring is from the pigment anthocyanin. This is a beneficial antioxidant that is contained in most purple pigmented vegetables such as purple broccoli, purple cabbage, and eggp... Read More »