Is a pumpkin a fruit or vegetable and why?

Answer The pumpkin is a member of the squash family, and, though it is treated like a vegetable, it is technically a fruit. The reason a pumpkin is a fruit is because it grows on a vine and contains seeds.

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Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

Answer The pumpkin is considered a fruit. It is seed bearing. More information I got this: "Pumpkins, squash, and some kinds of gourd are the fruits of four different species of this genus."  A... Read More »

Can you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil when making pumpkin bread?

Oils like olive, canola and vegetable are interchangeable in recipes. You can substitute an equal amount of one oil for another when baking quick breads like pumpkin. Use a light olive oil instead ... Read More »

Is a pumpkin a fruit?

Yes, even though it's a "culinary vegetable", botanically speaking it's a fruit: a seed-bearing structure derived from the ovaries of a plant.Yes, it contains seeds.

Do you think that pumpkin is a fruit and broccoli?

No.why would a man put fruit in his food gravy and chips Pumpkin is a fruit Broccoli is a vegetable.