Is pumping a septic tank necessary?

Answer On One Hand: Pumping Prevents Worse Problems.Septic tanks are designed to let solids separate from liquid waste. The solids then settle in the septic tank. The liquids exit the tank through the dra... Read More »

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Is your landlord responsible for pumping out your septic tank?

On One Hand: State Law Generally Says "Yes"State laws dictate all septic tank maintenance. Further, most states also have laws that require landlords to ensure that "the house or apartment [complie... Read More »

Septic tank?

Don't do that. Even if a product (such as baby wipes) says it is safe to flush it - don't! If you do flush the tampons, the man that comes to pump out the septic tank will scold you. I was SO em... Read More »

How large is a septic tank?

Septic tank sizes range considerably. Sizes can range from 900 gallons to 5,800 gallons, depending on the average sewage wastewater flow. For example, zero to 500 gallons would require a 900-gallon... Read More »

How deep is the septic tank?

Septic tanks usually use gravity to transport waste, so the tank will need to be deeper than the deepest waste line coming from the building the tank is serving. With the sewer lines in mind, the ... Read More »