Is protein required if i work out?

Answer Protein shake im assuming is what you meant, if so it's not required unless you get plenty of protein from your daily meals.You definitely need protein as protein is what helps you build muscle. A ... Read More »

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Do protein powders work?

On One Hand: Quick DigestionConsuming proteins in powder form decrease the time it takes the protein to reach the muscles. When protein is consumed in solid form, acids in the digestive system have... Read More »

How does protein denaturation work?

Protein denaturation occurs when it is heated up to a certain temperature; once the temperature is too high the hydrogen bonds will break first, resulting in the "unraveling" of the protein. This w... Read More »

Does whey protein work if your chubby?

Does it "work?" What do you think it does? It's just protein. Its not magical it isn't going to make you strong unless you excessive.

Does protein shakes actually work when it comes to muscle gain!?

hi, protein does work for muscle gain. i will explain,when you lift weights and train your muscles slightly rip and require protein to repair and increase in size. the more muscle you have on you... Read More »