Is prophet T B Joshua married?

Answer Yes, his wife, Evelyn.

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How Did Muhammad Become a Prophet?

Followers of Islam (Muslims) believe that God revealed his final message to man to the prophet Muhammad, according to Muslims believe in many prophets, including Adam, Noah, Abraham,... Read More »

How many siblings did prophet Issa have?

You dont want to. He is doing something that makes him feel good and it's good for him, so pretend like you have no clue that he is doing it. If my sibling was to try to catch me in the act, we wou... Read More »

Did Nathan the prophet have any siblings?

First, Plan B is NOT an abortion pill. It does not terminate a pregnancy. It simply destroys the egg before it can be effectively fertilized.Secondly, yes, Medicaid does pay for it if your income i... Read More »

Who is the father of the prophet Daniel?

The Bible does not specify the father of Daniel. Daniel was captured by Babylonians when their king ordered them to bring in some Israelites from the royal family and the nobility. If Daniel is fro... Read More »