Is propel zero water good for you or bad ?


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Is Propel water sold in Spain?

Propel water is not sold in Spain. However, "Propel on the Go" drink sticks that are added to plain water are available on eBay's UK site and others, and they can be easily shipped to Spain. Severa... Read More »

Is drinking too much propel water a bad thing?

In extreme cases, you can end up with water intoxication, but you're nowhere near that level.If you think that drinking this much water is doing something good, you are mistaken. It's a common mis... Read More »

How to Use Baking Soda to Propel Children's Water Toys?

Turn a simple plastic bottle into a water toy boat with just a couple household ingredients. When baking soda and vinegar mix, it creates a chemical reaction. The two ingredients fizz and make gas ... Read More »

Is propel drink good for you and why?

Propel can be good for you in some ways. After you exercise propel hydrates you. Do not drink during a sport involved with lots of running like basketball. The acid makes your stomach ache. So in w... Read More »